Collectively moving towards greater safety and comfort for the patient

Comfort and safety in five care processes

Vitals & EWS Flow

Assistance in safely and effortlessly measuring and monitoring the patient's vital values throughout the hospital.

Paperless Nurse

A versatile tool that allows nurses to work completely paperless. Register and check patient information quickly and easily from anywhere in the hospital.

Blood transfusion

The all-in-one track and trace system for blood bags. From lab all the way to patient.

Sample collection

Convenient labelling, examination and follow-up of samples.

Medication Administration

The digital assistant in preparing and administering medication.

What is NurseFlow?

provides access to all the benefits of today's mobile technologies for hospitals and healthcare organizations.

This allows healthcare professionals to perform tasks such as communication, monitoring, etc. just as smoothly as they are used to on their smartphone.

In doing so, we facilitate their everyday processes and ensure increased safety and comfort for the patient!

Verpleegkundigen kunnen slechts 25% van hun tijd besteden aan het daadwerkelijk verzorgen van hun patiënten.

NurseFlow relieves the healthcare professionals of the remaining 75% so that they can focus again on what they want to do: help the patient.

Through a device that fits simply in your pocket, NurseFlow makes a huge impact on five essential workflows in the healthcare sector.


Patient safety

More efficient nurses

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