CrossRoads2 subsidy for dirActive and Mobitrace

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DirActive and Mobitrace have received CrossRoads2 funding from the European programme Interreg Vlaanderen-Nederland for their Care-Logix solution. The innovative project aims to improve the processes involving multiple services within hospitals. For an optimal handling of processes in the hospital, good communication between different departments is essential. An improvement in this area should lead to a time saving for the (in)directly involved services and a quality gain for staff and patients.

The Dutch company DirActive and the Belgian company Mobitrace are both active in the field of software development for hospitals. DirActive has developed a real-time communication and information system for the internal transport of hospitals and Mobitrace offers mobile support for nurses, so that they can work more efficiently and safely. This project should lead to an innovative product that results from the joint development of Mobitrace and dirActive.

The successful cooperation between De Breed & Partners, dirActive and Mobitrace has now led to an available subsidy application. The project was recently started and runs until November.