De NurseFlow add-on voor laboratoria

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Close the circle

Ensure 100% traceability from blood transfusions and sampling to the patient's bedside. Adapt the workflow flexibly to your wishes, whereby safety and efficiency go hand in hand.

Customised mobile workflows

Adapt the mobile workflows for sampling and blood transfusion to your specific requirements. Mobitrace adapts flexibly to your organization and does not make employees adjust unnecessarily.

Vital parameters

Mobitrace helps nurses to register the vital parameters in a transfusion in a timely, correct and efficient way. Registrations made with connected devices can flow automatically.

Real-time transfusion overview

The lab, doctors and nurses have a real-time overview of starting and ongoing blood transfusions throughout the hospital. Avoid unnecessary phone calls and back and forth.

LIS neutral

Mobitrace can work with any LIS on the market and exchanges all data in real time. When replacing or upgrading the LIS, the mobile work processes can remain unchanged.

Insight and reporting

Gain a better insight into the performance of the lab-related processes. Work on continuous improvement thanks to 100% transparent registration of all activities. For your own analyzes on the data.