Medication Administration Flow

Getting the right amount of the right medicine to the right patient is the goal of the Medication Administration Flow. Our flow supports all activities related to the administration of medication.

From preparation to administration

Preparing infusions, monitoring the duration, administering the right medication, ... Our Medication Administration Flow supports all such actions and almost eliminates the risk of any errors.

Always on alert

Thanks to our notification system, the nurse is kept informed if abnormal conditions occur. Anomalous doses, medication that has not been approved by a doctor or sedative medication? The nurse receives a notification which they are required to validate to ensure that they have certainly seen it.

Efficient medication management

We haven't forgotten the pharmacists either. We have developed an app for them with which they can manage the barcodes of medication. This way they can easily link the right barcode to the right product, both generic and unidose barcodes. 

Full traceability of medication

Thanks to the medication flow, the full history of medication can be retrieved. See how often and when a medication was administered at a glance.