Mobitrace expands in Europe

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Mobitrace, an ambitious HealthTech company which opens up mobile technologies to nurses in Belgium and the Netherlands, is investing in growth.
VLAIO (Agentschap Innoveren en Ondernemen) supports Mobitrace's growth trajectory with the KMO-groeisubsidie (a growth subsidy for SMEs) which allows them to expand their NurseFlow app to other European countries.


Mobile nursing: the future of healthcare

Us consumers have been relying on our smartphones for years now for communicating, searching for information, taking photos, managing to-do lists...

Mobitrace aims to introduce these same mobile features to the healthcare sector with their NurseFlow App.

The need for such mobile technologies was once again highlighted during the ongoing Corona crisis. Mobitrace revolutionizes nurses' workflow by minimizing paperwork and significantly reducing the risk of errors. Thus providing more safety and comfort for the patient by ensuring that nurses are able to pay more time and attention to their patients.

Growth trajectory 2020-2022

To achieve their international breakthrough of NurseFlow, Mobitrace relies on Wilfried Mertens (WeMeC). Thanks to his many years of international experience, achievements and a broad network in the medical sector, Wilfried will support Mobitrace in the internationalization of its products, services and processes.

Today, NurseFlow is actively used by 10 healthcare organisations within Belgium and the Netherlands (including Maastricht UMC+, Ziekenhuis Netwerk Antwerpen, AZ Maria Middelares Gent and Jan Yperman Ziekenhuis). Throughout its new growth trajectory, Mobitrace aims to quadruple the number of care providers actively using NurseFlow by the end of 2022.