Mobitrace becomes part of the ZORGI group

By 22 October 2021No Comments

Great news! Mobitrace has decided to join forces with ZORGI. With our integrated, digital and mobile applications, we want to support hospitals even better in the challenges they face.

ZORGI is the partnership of Xperthis and Infohos Solutions, two Belgian specialists in IT solutions for the healthcare sector. The company supports hospitals in their digital transformation by offering solutions for all steps of the hospital care chain: from patient admission and billing, care and support, pharmacy, logistics and financial management to business intelligence.

"Anyone who has the ambition to meet all the digital needs of a hospital cannot do without mobile solutions," explains Melchior Wathelet, CEO of ZORGI, of this strategic move. "The information and process flows are at least as important for the nurse on the way to the patient as for the administrative assistant behind the PC screen. If we want to support hospitals in their digitisation process, we must also be able to provide them with mobile, integrated solutions for their care and other staff."

By joining forces with Mobitrace, ZORGI now has a number of immediately deployable mobile solutions that have already proven their worth at various hospitals. For example, the integration of the NurseFlow module of Mobitrace with Xperthis CARE (the Electronic Patient File of ZORGI) can ensure more efficient monitoring and reporting of patient information in the hospitals. 

It is ZORGI's ambition to integrate this solution with existing applications such as Xperthis CARE (ZORGI's Electronic Patient File) and to build new mobile applications within other packages. Through the collaboration, the company will be reinforced with the know-how of a team of experts in digital mobile solutions, which will not only strengthen but also accelerate the ZORGI innovation process.

"The integration between Mobitrace and ZORGI offers a lot of opportunities, both for Mobitrace's existing clients and towards expansion," said Wilfried Mertens, CEO of Mobitrace. "The strong presence of ZORGI within Belgian hospitals can ensure that we can deploy NurseFlow more broadly and integrate it into the solutions that hospitals are already using today."

Independent and integrated 

The collaboration will be formalised in an 'asset deal', with Xperthis acquiring assets from Mobitrace. Within the larger organisation of ZORGI, Mobitrace will initially operate as a separate team, in its own offices and with an independent commercial and development strategy. This is mainly focused on continuity for existing customers, partners and employees. The existing customers will still be able to contact the familiar team of employees.

"At the same time, we will immediately start looking together for areas where our customers can reap the benefits of this integration in the short term", Melchior Wathelet adds. "It is the beginning of a sustained search for opportunities to innovate now that we have this exceptional combination of talent. In this way, we hope to soon be able to offer additional mobile applications to our customers within other areas such as pharmacy, logistics or healthcare administration."