Our company story

Since our start in 2013, Mobitrace has experienced constant growth. Focused on one specific process, which was primarily aimed at monitoring blood transfusions, we have today evolved into a modular solution with optimum user experience and compatible with a variety of systems on the market.

We owe our sustained growth to our close-knit team, which has remained very stable over the years, and to the fact that Mobitrace is still in private hands and as a result inspires great confidence as a partner. Cooperation agreements with international players such as Cerner, Polavis eHealth Ventures and Imprivata are the best proof of this.

The NurseFlow App is now in its 4th version and thanks to its ease of use it is gaining a lot of success with users. NurseFlow is a mobile application for all bedside activities that allows nurses and other healthcare teams to work more efficiently and safely.

Vision, mission & values


A better everyday life for as many healthcare professionals as possible.


Connected all-in-one intuitive mobile solutions for patient facing care teams.


Become a leading provider of mobile solutions for healthcare professionals.