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Digital observations

Immediately capture all your observations digitally at the patient's bedside. Register vital parameters, take photos of wounds or adjust mobility status. Use the automatically calculated EWS score and follow-up actions to monitor the condition of patients faster and better.

Mobile care plan

Always have your care plan digitally in your pocket and share it with your colleagues in real time. Keep an eye on the points of attention and changing priorities per patient at all times. Keep your mind free for the essentials and immediately check off your tasks.

Paperless nurse

Take digital notes quickly and accurately at the patient's bedside. Share this in real time with colleagues and optionally use speech recognition.

Administer medication

Check and register the medication that you are administering. Through scanning you can be sure that you are administering the right medication to the right patient at the right time. Current infusions can be monitored and adjusted in real time.

Blood transfusion and sampling

Avoid mistakes by using closed-loop mobile workflows up to the patient's bedside. Keep a real-time view of the status of ongoing transfusions and follow up the vital parameters in time.

Instant messaging

Secure instant messaging that you can upload directly into the electronic patient file. Start directly from the right patient context and immediately share important things with colleagues without disturbing them.

Mobile cockpit

Create a customized mobile snapshot that contains all essential information per patient. Shorten the time for transfer and keep all information safe and mobile in your pocket.

& to do’s

As a nurse you have to remember a thousand and one small things during your shift. Schedule reminders and to do's quickly and easily for this. These help not only you but also your colleagues in a next shift.