De NurseFlow add-on voor de ziekenhuisapotheek

Discover PharmaFlow

Close the circle

Ensure 100% safe medication administration up to the patient's bedside. Adapt the workflow flexibly to your wishes, whereby safety and efficiency go hand in hand. Thanks to Mobitrace, ensure consistent quality assurance at one of the most prone to errors in the hospital.

Scanning enabled

Scan all possible formats of barcodes (GS1, CNK, ...) as supplied by the supplier or as you apply it to the medication yourself. Standard formats are automatically recognized.

Self management

Manage and inventory non-standardized barcodes yourself via a handy management tool. Decide for yourself which products must be scanned and which other warnings are important during the administration of medication.


Not only ensure safe administration, but also keep an accurate overview of the medication supply per patient and in the emergency cabinets. In the event of a stock breach, have it easily registered from which stock the medication was derived.

Compile in a safe way

Nurses are supported in the workplace to compile medication 100% safely. Products can be scanned and the composite product gets a new unique barcode, linked to the patient.

Insight and reporting

Gain a better understanding of the performance of pharmacy-related processes. Work on continuous improvement thanks to 100% transparent registration of all activities. For your own analyzes on the data.

Much more than administering

From support for FMD (Falsified Medicine Directive), to Picking & Distribution or Return Management. As a pharmacist, Mobitrace can offer you solutions that help to optimize numerous internal processes in the pharmacy.